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Personalized Design

For more than 10 years, American Care Concepts has been designing and developing senior living communities of different shapes and sizes. The overarching lesson that we’ve learned over the years is that each community needs to be designed specifically for the residents that will reside there. Each location has its’ own local flavor and characteristics that make it truly a part of the community and home to residents who have lived there for years. We approach each project with that thinking in mind – and we are meticulous in ensuring that each detail is designed to create a senior living environment that is beautiful, unique, and most importantly, feels like home.

The ACC Development Difference

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20 Years of Senior Living Experience

Personalized Design Approach

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Resident and Team Member Focus

Similar to our approach to personalized design, we also focus greatly on the need for our projects to harmonize not only for our residents but also for our team members as well. Our employees are at the heart of everything we accomplish as a company and we owe a large part of any success we obtain to them. They’re on the front lines providing the care and attention that we expect and require at American Care Concepts. We understand that at times, providing care can be challenging – both emotionally and physically. For this reason, we go to great lengths to provide a work environment and culture that helps promote overall wellness for each of our team members. Private employee breakrooms with outdoor access, exercise rooms, locker rooms, and comfortable meeting areas are some of the ways we design spaces specifically for our team members.

Quality Construction

Our attention to quality in every aspect of American Care Concepts certainly extends to the construction of our buildings. Each is built with the highest construction standards and great efforts are taken to ensure that every space includes quality finishes, systems, and fixtures. We believe that our communities become home for our residents in a very sensitive and important stage of their lives and we do our best to ensure that our spaces reflect the love and attention to detail that a resident would expect in their own home.

Partnering in Our Communities

It’s no secret that the majority of residents in a senior living setting come from within a 5-mile radius of the community. Often times, they have lived, worked, and raised their families in the neighborhood and look for care options that don’t require them to leave. When we look to develop a community, we understand that we are entering the new community as guests and bring with us a commitment to make the neighborhood better than it was before. We work closely with neighbors, city and town governments, local groups and schools, etc. before we ever begin construction to make sure they know and understand our company principles and what we can offer the neighborhood. Our goal is to be truly great neighbors while providing a beautiful, modern, and appropriate senior living community of which the neighborhood can be proud.

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